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Sunroom Addition Ideas: Designing a Simple Yet Elegant Sunroom

September 21st, 2012 Filed under: Home Improvement

A small touch in your home may bring a huge different. And letting the sun shine to penetrate a certain room in your house is really a great idea. If you want to have it, then you need to find great sunroom addition ideas. Sunrooms are considered to be always popular, even in the distant future. The designs of sunroom depend on the sun for warmth. In short, sunroom addition ideas can be elegant and simple as long as you are having a sufficient budget.

When it comes to sunroom addition ideas, there are a lot of options offered online that you have never imagined before. Generally, a sunroom addition can be purchased as prefabricated one. Therefore, you are able to choose a sunroom addition design which blends in with your home’s overal theme or the architecture. There is a wide range of sunroom addition ideas, starting from traditional designs using a shed-type roof to contemporary designs using split-roof.

While choosing for the best sunroom addition ideas, consider selecting windows that is equipped with draft-proof seals, approval from American Architectural Manufacturers Association, and a high R-value. If you want the best that can bring best energy efficiency, it is better for you to go for triple pane low e-glass for the windows. Meanwhile, double pane windows can also provide substantial energy efficiency, and single pane windows comes with least energy-efficient, although they are the most economical sunroom addition ideas.

If you are working with a high budget, then solex glass seems to be a great option. Single solex glass windows are tinted green as well as specially designed to lower the heat absorption into your sunroom. These windows for sunroom addition ideas can reflect ultraviolet rays in order to protect your skin, furniture and floor coverings.

As for the flooring you can look for sunroom addition ideas which are least expensive but very beautiful, like vinyl products. In order to create a functional yet unique appearance for the flooring, you can mix vinyl products. However, the most favorite for sunroom flooring are wood, brick or stone.

Coming to the decoration for your sunroom addition ideas, you may consider using the space available for plants. They tend to be incredible in sunroom environments. You can look for plants like allamanda, abutilon, and dianthus which will give you eyecatching color and good fragrance.

Last but not least in sunroom addition ideas is electrical, lighting need. You can opt for chandeliers, hanging lights, and spots throughout the sunroom. Remember to install the ceiling fans as they can give you breezy feeling during hot summer days.

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